In Office Appointments

We are looking forward to seeing you in the office for your upcoming appointment! Please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • It is very important you register on the patient portal two days prior to your appointment. You should have received an email with instructions on how to do this. If you need help, call us at 205-682-8022.
  • Please arrive about 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. We are not using our lobby during this time. When you arrive, remain in your vehicle and text your name to 205-734-1657. We will text you when we are ready for you to come directly to an exam room. This number is for arrival purposes only. It is not for medical questions or to contact us for any other reason.
  • Only patients, no family members, will be allowed in the office, with the exception of one parent with very young children, or one family member to assist any patient requiring extra assistance.
  • Please bring only the very minimum of personal items into the office. Large bags, etc., should be left in your vehicle.
  • Once we text you that we are ready, please proceed to the office and stop at the door. Your temperature will be taken. If you have a temperature greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit we will reschedule your appointment.
  • We will ask you prescreening questions regarding COVID-19 exposure and symptoms questions at the time of your appointment. If you have any of those symptoms or exposures we will reschedule your appointment.
  • All patients will be required to wear a mask or other facial coverage such as a bandana or scarf while in our office. Please bring your own mask or cover. Due to the shortage of PPE, we cannot provide a mask for you.
  • Please maintain 6 feet distance from others in the office. Our floors are marked.
  • Exam rooms will be thoroughly cleaned between each patient.
  • Please understand that while we always strive to run on time, due to these new procedures, wait times may be longer than normal, and for that we apologize in advance.